Sunday, March 19, 2006

Post Deleted

Yeah, uh, nevermind.

Post Deleted

Yeah, uh, nevermind.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Little Time

Yeah, uh, sorry. I haven't had much time to write my own stuff so I just copy and pasted a bunch of stuff together. In the meantime, here's something to keep you entertained.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

A real event that really happened

So today I flew into Salt Lake and out of Portland at 7:30am. I had to get up at 5:30am to get to the airport on time. I usually don’t get up that early, so that was somewhat different. I was not too tired, so it wasn’t too bad I guess. It was pretty icy though, had to take it easy on 205 to the airport. We had some stuff at the place we used to live, so we went over and picked it all back up. We fed our chickens, which we had to give up(we fear the neighborhood cats would kill them) and talked to Rob some. Rob purchased a new laptop that I dub the “Toshiba Bling.” Its pretty nice.

Then I realized, the Roy rocks dude needed the rock sign, because if he is rockin to Roy, he has it up. I rap in the shower. I have, in my head a few dozen songs which I think I might record sometime. They have mostly been stuff about Christianity and death. I am not sure why those two topics have been running around in my mind lately. They are not terribly funny, nor do they make sense. But I was in a pretty odd mood last night. I think I might make some more, it was fun to write these up. It is a very interesting video, so instead of watching some T.V. show about models who try to pass as real people that get into odd situations that are too hilarious, take a dose of music history. Though I warn you, unlike the latest NBC super awesome new reality emergency room drama featuring wisecracking interns and staff, this video actually caters to a point.

And it turns out that I posted before I checked… Boing Boing. Oh well at least I did not post about my sweet new money laudering scheme I am taking part in with some cool people in Nigeria! Getting free content is not too hard, you just have to look for it. Now some might find that interesting, but if I was reading my blog, I would have tuned out after Mickey Mouse promised pro-killing nonsense.

Anyways, just wanted to step back and paint the fun picture that was yesterday. Rush our is upon us, so it was slow goings.

So our new goats name is Teresa, but I call it Goatwich. OK, now its not Goatwich as in sandwich, I am not thinking of this goat as food. If you have seen the totally rad-ass movie enemy mine, then it would make sense. OK, still doesn’t make sense and you have seen enemy mine? OK, well the alien dude in enemy mine that Louis Gosset Jr. played called the human dude that Dennis Quaid played “darwich.” So, before we had decided on Teresas name, I called her Goatwich, so to me, it stuck. Anyways, Goatwich it is.

Oh right, and if you have never seen Enemy Mine, WATCH IT! Its basically an allegory to racism, but this one has a few spaceship dog fights, laser guns, hostile planets and slave traders! Seriously, its like Driving Mrs. Daisy except with aliens and laser guns! Oh and I think we all wanted to see Mrs. Daisy get offed with a turbo-x-quasar-blaster. Anyways, Enemy Mine good, watch it.

Oh, Mike, when I was at George Fox, a janitor had a delorian. Almost everyday I would pass this seriously cool car. As far as I am concerned, they are the coolest cars ever made. If I was ever able to ride one and make it to 88, I do believe that might be one of the coolest things ever.

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