Friday, February 24, 2017

Re: Re: Re: YouTube Sandwiches

10 years ago, I uploaded my second video, "Re: YouTube Sandwiches", or "How to Make a Sandwitch". This was a response to a YouTuber named "Raz0rsex", asking YouTubers to show how they make sandwiches. My early concept of "J-Dubb" was sort of an unhinged persona, and that's what this video was intended to display. 5 years later, I made a reboot of this video, and uploaded a side by side comparison; an idea I blatantly ripped off from the WineKone. 10 years later, I did another reboot and a threeway comparison, and that's what you've just watched.

And here is the 2017 version, by itself.

Saturday, February 18, 2017

The History of Vlogging

I've been uploading videos to YouTube for ten years now. I've watched vlogging become a thing and evolve over that span.

Music by Kevin MacLeod