Wednesday, March 16, 2022

People With The Last Name, "McGee"

When I first started this blog, back in 2005, in my introductory post, I mentioned several possible topics that I might discuss during the course of this blog: music, sports, politics, sex, spirituality, video games, giraffes, The Snorks, the crumb sitting on the coaster in front of me right now, people with the last name McGee, snowmen, cars, and the mysteries of life... 

In the run of this blog, I have discussed the music in my videos. I have discussed Peyton Manning, and a football game being cut off by CBS. I discussed the Obama election, wrote a post about politicians with goofy faces, and got a little political in 2020. I shared a link, in the very beginning, that discussed both sex and spirituality. I talked about a version of PS3 not being backwards compatible, as well as XBox being evil. I've discussed the mysteries of life on numerous occasions. I've even mentioned The Snorks.

Things I have not discussed are giraffes, the crumb that was sitting on the coaster in front of me October 11 2005 at 2:19, people with the last name McGee, snowmen (unless you count my video where I included Frosty the Snowman amongst the top five creepiest Christmas songs), and cars (unless you count discussing flying cars in a video about Marty McFly arriving in 2015).

So, today, I've decided to check "people with the last name McGee" off of that list:


 Tim McGee is a character from the show, NCIS, played by Sean Murray. One time, back when I used to watch the show regularly, I had a dream where I asked him, "Are you little Tim from Jurassic Park, all grown up?" and he replied, "No, I most certainly am not."


Sam McGee is the title character from the poem, "The Cremation of Sam Mcgee", about an old man running a dog sled, who complains to his partner about the cold, and then freezes to death, and gets cremated. His partner then finds him alive and enjoying the warmth of the fire that's cremating him. My class read this in the 4th or 5th grade.

There's also JaVale McGee, who plays for the NBA. He has played for the Cavaliers and the Lakers. My personal experience with JaVale, is finding him in a Google search, for the term "McGee". Also of note, is that both his first name, and his last name have the third letter capitalized. I wonder what his middle name is.

Then, there's celebrity interior designer Shea McGee, also discovered through a Google search. She designs interiors, as her self explanatory job title suggests.

Also of note, is that the name McGee, can be used in conjunction with a person's predominant character trait, turning said trait into a nickname, with McGee functioning as a last name. "There goes old Shoesey McGee, always wearing shoes!"

And, that's all I have to say about people with the last name, "McGee".