Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nosferatu Part Deux

In the last episode of Nosferatu, we looked into the life of the viscious creatures known as aloofs. Today we will discuss another kind of vampire called Bank of America. Bank of America is a vampire which charges fees and drains your money. Once upon a time, banks provided services. Now they charge service fees. Bank of America also charges, "monthly maintenance" fees. They even open up savings accounts with you and later change some of the details and start charging you so that the "savings" account becomes the "give your money to B of A for no damn reason at all" account. Worst of all, for those of us poor college students who have to pay for tuition, B of A now charges $35.00 overdraft fees.Beware the Bank of America overdraft fee, it could take a situation that can be remedied by the next paycheck, and stick you further into a rut that the next paycheck can't fix. and seriously, what's the deal about all this penalization for overdrafts? It's not like people are overdrafting to spite the bank. People want to have money. And how exactly is taking away money as a penulty for not having enough money supposed to remedy the situation? I learned math in the first grade. If you take away money from me, I have less money. Unless of course the bank wants people to overdraft so that they can keep taking hard earned dollars from people.

Also in this years issue of Nosferatu; spiders with human faces.

J-Dubb's Moral of the Week

It's not polite to stare into other peoples windows.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Friday, October 20, 2006

New Crack Kills

I just posted the first episode in the new series of Crack Kills. These new episodes are rendered on a new system. This new episode is my first use of this system and future episodes should be even better quality as I learn more about how to use it. They're much nicer than the classic series, anyway, which was rendered using MS paint.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

J-Dubb's Moral of the Week

Alright, time to get moral of the week back on track. Something that doesn't have to do with breasts. Let's see, uh, don't do this...

Monday, October 16, 2006

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Happy 1/100th centennial

The first post ever on this blog was October 11 2005. That post started out by saying, "this is the 1st anniversary of this blog", even though, technically, today is the first anniversary of this blog. One interesting thing is that, in the first post, when I summed up the topics I would cover in this blog, I threw in some random things that I didn't really expect to cover. One of these random topics was the Snorks. Well, I did in fact end up mentioning the snorks at the end of a post titled, Drugs in Cartoons. Originally, this blog was simply titled, J-Dubb's Blog, with a standard green title bar. Today, however, it's so much more than just a blog, it's a revolution. Okay, that's a little mellow dramatic. So, I guess it's still just a blog, but either way, this post will feature the highlights of the first year of J-Dubb's Theatre.

The first superstar of the week, which took place the second day of this blog, was Alan Alda.

October 13th, after discovering the wonders of blog spam, I enabled word verification for the comments on this blog. I titled the post, Fake Pigs. I guess I was trying to be clever by implying that the meat product, Spam, is artificial ham, even though, to the best of my knowledge, it is in fact genuine swine product.

October 14th, I posted the first This Weeks Moment in Evolution. This was a weekly segment which lasted only two weeks, then made a comeback later on as This Weeks Moment in Natural Selection.

I posted a couple times a day in the beginning, then, after a not posting four four days, I started a post out apologetically. Later on, I would realize that four days is not really that long to go without posting.

November turned out to be a three post month, beginning with a 1 day late Halloween post.

In December, I mainly posted links, to save the trouble of actually writing stuff. Superstar of the Week Made a comeback, featuring Don Polinski. BTW, if you click on the comments, you'll notice somebody actually commented claiming to be the child of Don Polinski. I didn't find this until months later and I responded, but I'm not sure if they've been back. Then I started the Official War on Christmas, my answer to Bill O'Reilly.

February saw only one post, which consisted of an image, and nothing more.

March had a more serious tone, aside from featuring the drumming fat kid for the first time.

April was nonexistent, then in May, the blog started to eek back into life, starting off by introducing the Crack Kills page. I then posted a couple of my school papers in May and June as a way of saying that J-Dubb's theatre isn't dead yet.

July was probably the boomingest time in Theatre existence, starting with the creation of the J-Dubb's Theatre banner. Also, not only did I start posting Superstar of the Week again, but I also brought back Animal of the Week, and This Weeks Moment in Evolution reincarnated as This Weeks Moment in Natural Selection. I also introduced the all new weekly post, J-Dubb's Moral of the Week. July also saw the addition of J-Dubb's Videos to the Theatre family.

In August, Bert bit off a babies head, and Crack Kills classics were completely downloaded.

In September, Moral of the Week began to take on a steamy side.

Then October saw the celebration of the 1/100th centennial anniversary of J-Dubb's Theatre.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

J-Dubb's Moral of the Week

What happened to moral of the week? It's like, all about sex these days.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Superstar of the Year is Chuck Norris

Two days from now will mark the one year point for this blog, so I decided to have superstar of the year this week, and who better to feature for the whole year than the demi-god himself.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

J-Dubb's Moral of the Week

Large breasts aren't the only thing, however, that make for good blogging.

Monday, October 02, 2006