Monday, December 31, 2007

Another Year

So, the winter months came and went. We flew over spring and into summer. Then, just as quickly as the leaves grew back on the trees, they began falling off again. Halloween came and went, then Thanksgiving, and finally, Christmas.

It's funny, earlier this month, I went to eat at an Arbys. They were playing Christmas music and I enjoyed it. Normally I talk about abhorring Christmas music, I guess in the past I tended to prefer a darker image. But I enjoyed it as I sat there, eating my Philly steak sub, which I found is very good, btw. Anyways, I guess as I get older, and years begin to feel the way months used to, these traditions that have been there my whole life are kind of nice. It's like all those moments become connected and time freezes for a bit.

Well, now another Christmas has passed and we're about to move into the next year. This time it will be called 2008. So, tomorrow will be January again, and I can expect that month to pretty much fade into oblivion, along with the following several months. It's funny, these last few years, by the end of the year, it seems like I really only remember July through December. Maybe it's because I'm busier during the months that precede the summer, so I don't really notice them.

Anyways, happy new year.

Here's a fittingly melancholy video about the fall:

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hate Smart

Here is J-Dubb's Theatre's latest video. A cheesy instructional video for all aspiring "haters" so that they don't end up embarassing themselves.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Todays Icon

So I've decided that Mario is the next Mickey Mouse. Sure he's not as big as Mickey or Bugs, but they both have a bit of time over Mario. My claim is based on observations in the development of Mario over the last 20 years that show all the characteristics of a pop-culture icon.

First, we have the iconic disembodied face. It's simple, easily recognizable, and isn't disturbing when detached from the body in this manner.

Second, we have a history of designs, leading up to the recognizable one.

Throw in a cast of equally iconic supporting characters.

Then, span the character over multiple generations.

Now all we need is a Nintendo themed amusement park.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Superstar of the Week is Bill Smith

That's right, this guy actually has the generic name, Bill Smith. I do not know this person, nor have I heard of him before running a Google search on the name a few minutes prior to making this post.