Saturday, February 28, 2009

Sweet Irony

J-Dubb does LisaNova does YouTube has been Muted.

So, YouTube recently muted my video, J-Dubb does LisaNova does YouTube because of copyright issues with a certain audio track. So now, one of my most popular videos has been turned into a silent film due to a rather small part in which this track is played.

I was meaning to blog about this earlier, but I literally ran upstairs in the middle of making breakfast when I realized something quite ironic...

The song that caused YouTube to silence my video is Simon and Garfunkle's The Sound of Silence!!

btw, have any of you had frozen oatmeal before? Neither have I, but I'm about to.

The Network - A Third Option part 1of 2

Looks like the season finale for The Network will be uploaded into two parts. Both parts fall under the title, A third Option. Part one has been uploaded now, and part two will be uploaded a day later.

When we last saw J-Dubb, trapped in a virtual forest within his own mind, he managed to gain back his memories. Subsequently, he found a way to see Belphegore's thoughts and finally, saw through his own eyes into the real world.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Oregon Sesquicentennial?

Oregon Sesquicentennial
Wow, time sure does fly. First, you settle your oxen lead wagon trains in the fertile woodsy lands near the Pacific Ocean, and next thing you know, you're celebrating your sesquicentennial.

Wait a tic... what the frack is a sesquicen-whatchuallit? Well, I figured; a centenial is 100 years, so a sesqui-centennial must be about 600 years, right?

What!? The U.S. hasn't been around for 600 years, let alone Oregon.

According to the Oregon Lottery commercial I heard on my clock radio this morning, a sesquicentennial is about 150 years.

So, Feruary 14 marked the sesquicentinnial for Oregon.

Over a century ago, Lewis and Clark's trail ended in a place that would eventually become a state, which would house the "wierdest" city in the union. (Florida may be in dispute for this, however.) Interestingly, Oregon may be one of the most obscure states. I have had people ask me, "Oregon? Where is that?" One person even asked me once, upon answering where I was from, "What is that?"

Quick answer would have been, "the wierdest and most secretive state in the union." Seriously though, we're secretive for a reason. Stay the frack out, will ya? Go populate your New York and LA. If too many people move to Portland, it won't be the coolest... erm.. wierdest city in the union anymore. (My family actually migrated here from California when I was 8. Yup, I'm one of those California migrants.)

So anyways, happy sesquicentennial, Oregon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The February 2006 Post

This image was the only thing I posted in February of 06. Each year I seem to go into a lull after the year change where I only have a few posts per month, and then I pick back up again in the summer. February 06 was in such a lull, all I could think of to post was this image of the Windows 2000 paperclip:

So I read some of my original posts last night from when I started this blog back in 05. It was interesting. My posts back then were kind of, um... not very good. Maybe it's just the whole "I am my own worst critic" syndrome, but I sincerely hope my posts have improved over the years. I think they have.

I remember back then, in my writing, I tried to imitate the tone of a local DJ, Tim Savage, who had a show on Portland's 101 KUFO at the time. I'm not so sure the tone translates into writing very well. Funny thing is, I don't even listen to 101 anymore, let alone try to convey the tone of a DJ.

I actually listen to KUFO again and the link is back in the sidebar. I got tired of their main talent (Marconi) a while back, but I've tuned in more recently and I'm liking the people they have doing the shows now days.

EDIT 2: Nevermind; they fired the people I was listening to and hired a bunch of people whom I don't like, as I covered in a later blog post. I no longer listen to KUFO, again, and have removed the link from my sidebar, again. Wow, this is turning into Monty Python. When will "those responsible for the sackings be sacked?"

EDIT 3: I was reading this old blog post, and decided to re-link the sidebar of this blog to KUFO, for old time sake. Of course, I had to go to and pull up a capture of from 2009 on the Wayback Machine, as KUFO has not existed for quite some time, and was long ago replaced by a talk radio station. I'm actually writing this edit about 11 years after having written the original blog post. If you keep reading this blog, you'll learn the fate of KUFO.

Another interesting thing I found is that my very first "Nosferatu" Halloween post, from back in 05, has a new comment that someone just wrote this past December. Makes me wonder what other new comments my old posts have recieved over the years.

While I was at it, I thought I'd conjure up an image of this blog in its very beginning. So here is a picture of pretty much what J-Dubb's Theatre looked like right after it's first post, before it was even called J-Dubb's Theatre. If you click on it, it almost looks like you're viewing the actual webpage in your browser.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

J-Dubb's Theatre on Twitter

I'm finally on Twitter now. Don't worry, I don't expect most of my Tweets to be as whiny as my last blog post. :D

Friday, February 20, 2009

No Bulletins No Views

YouTube Bulletins and other YouTube changes

What's the deal? I uploaded my video, The Network - The Elusive Past about three weeks ago and so far it only has 42 views. This is also the first video I've posted since YouTube got rid of channel bulletins. It seems those bulletins weren't so worthless after all. Thanks YouTube for taking another step to make sure the partners and sponsored channels continue to rake in the views while sweeping the rest of your users into the closet and out of sight.

And on that note, is it just me or is YouTube trying to be Facebook? Bulletins have been replaced by this recent activity box, and now we have this homepage which displays the recent activity of all our freinds. Of course, this homepage is generally pretty sparse because most people don't like to have their recent activity displayed. Not to mention, it seems that most people don't even care that it's even there for them to look at. The question is, why does YouTube feel the need to be FaceBook? It's already YouTube for crissake! It's like Coke trying to be more like Old Navy. Come to think of it, Coke learned the lesson of changing it's formula back in the 80's. Is YouTube making the same mistake?

The other problem of YouTube trying to be everyone else, is that it's watering down it's flavor. Don't confuse this with a self help cliche, but basically, YouTube needs to be the best YouTube it can be. It can't compete with Facebook by trying to be more like Facebook, because Facebook isn't trying to be like someone else. They are capitalizing on what makes them Facebook. YouTube will lose against Facebook going that route, because people will choose the higher quality Facebook over the watered down Facebook. If a hammer tries to improve itself by being more like a screwdriver, it will lose out to both screwdrivers and hammers. Focus on being a superior hammer.

And give us back our bulletins for crissake!

J-Dubb out

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"I'm Denny Crane!"

William Shatner is Denny Crane