Monday, July 31, 2006

Drugs in Cartoons

Something that has come to my attention lately is the shady nature of many cartoons. As children, we admired these animated characters. They were our role models. But there is a side to these characters often ignored. There is a dark side to toon town that the media doesn't want us to see.

This epidemic came to my attention while reminiscing about He-Man, my childhood hero. He-Man, the alter ego of Prince Adam of Eternia, possesses a "magic sword" which gives him incredible abilities enabling him to defend Eternia from Skeletor. I have startling evidence, however, that this sword is actually an injector for PCP. Let's use his cat, Cringer, aka Battle Cat, as an example.

Here's Cringer, not exactly the most formidable cat in eternia.

Here he is, fully armored as Battle Cat, and seemingly experiencing some sort of euphoria after receiving the payload of the "magic sword".

Now here's Battle Cat, fully charged and ready. He seems to be a completely different animal.

And here he is, suffering from withdrawal after the effects have worn off.

Now, He-Man obviously uses this to bring hope to people who otherwise have none, but the story gets darker.

Here is a side of Daffy Duck never shown on TV.

Here is Kaa the snake, pushing his product on some little girl.

Here's Donald Duck in the middle of a domestic dispute with Daisy.

Yosemite Sam has turned to pimping in order to support his habit.

And Bugs Bunny has turned to prostitution.

As you can see from this shocking evidence, the lives of cartoons are not all they're cracked up to be. The real heroes are not riding atop giant cats or hitting each other with anvils, however. The real heroes are those you see day to day...

dwelling at the bottom of the sea.

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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Misawa: Then and Now

When I was in the Airforce, stationed at Misawa Airbase in Japan, I regularly went to a place called the Hospitality House. The Hospitality House, run by a christian ministry called Cadence International, basically serves as a get together place for military people who are stationed over seas.

One thing I noticed about being stationed over seas was that the environment constantly changes between old people leaving and new people coming in. When I was stationed in Misawa, I witnessed an older generation leaving, as I incorporated with a newer generation. Then, later on as my generation started to leave, a newer generation began to appear.

Last night, I found the website for the hospitality house. Now, five years after having left Misawa, it seems that a lot has changed. So I thought I'd post some pics comparing my time, 1999 - 2001, with the time that's currently displayed on the website. (as of July 25, 2006)

Here's a group photo from my time. I'm the young skinny guy getting strangled on the bottom left

And here's a group photo of a bunch of people I've never seen before.

Here's ol' Caleb playing the guitar back in 01.

And here's some dudes with guitars sitting on an unfamiliar couch at the modern house.

Here's Jay, strummin a guitar next to Chris, who for the moment seems to have contracted a case of the downs.

And here's some more peeps with guitars at the current house. Notice the edge of a big screen TV on the far left in contrast to the TV in the picture above this one.

Here's Keith. His family ran the House when I was there. Note the two silver coffee cylinders in the background and the mug in Keiths hand. In my day, if you went to the House, you could count on drinking coffee, even if you didn't normally drink it.

And I'm pretty sure this is the guy who's the head honcho nowa days. And look, what's this on the table? Mugs which seem to be labeled in order to let us know that, yes, they are in fact utilized for the purpose of containing coffee.

Here's another picture with me(center) looking all young and perty.

And here's three people sitting at an unfamiliar table near the same closet doors.

Here's Joe and Mary back in 99.

And here's a similar type of co-ed shot from the group of unknowns.

Here's the three kids who inhabited the House back in my day.

And here's three equivalent children from the modern House.

Here's "the crackaz", as they referred to themselves. Note the signature cans of Mountain Dew.

And here's some more people who I don't know.

Here's some of my homies of yore sitting on a couch.

And here's people sitting in a similar location. Anybody familiar with the house from my time might notice in the background that the bar has been removed.

Here's Mary sitting on the floor.

And here's a creepy bald guy sitting on the floor.

And finally, no Misawa tribute would be complete without a snowboarding shot.

And one of the newbees.

So what did I learn from this?:

1. Time flies

2. Posting pictures of complete strangers feels kind of weird


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J-Dubb's Moral of the Week

Always maintain a secure grip when holding small animals.

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Friday, July 21, 2006

God Damn Computers

I did have a whole post written out, but when I went to publish it, it went to a page that said there were server troubles. I hit the back button and everything I wrote was gone. Needless to say, I'm done blogging for today. So in place of the post I had written, Here's the drumming fat kid again for your entertainment.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

This Weeks Moment of Natural Selection

When I first started this blog, for the first two weeks I posted, "This Weeks Moment in Evolution". It was supposed to be a Darwin Awards type thing showing people getting injured, although not necessarily dying or sterilized. I looked on the net for pictures of people getting injured, but soon realized that still pictures can't really capture what I was looking for. So I made due. The first post was this: Evolution 1, which sort of relates to evolution I suppose, although I'm really not sure whether I intended it to mean that it was an accident and the people died, or that the car evolved and gained the ability to fly. People probably just assumed the latter. The second evolution post, was more relevant to the idea of evolution, though it didn't really have anything to do with the Darwin Awards. Well, it's recently occurred to me that I could have just embedded the code for a video and This Weeks Moment in Evolution would have been what I originally intended. So I decided to bring it back, only I've changed it to natural selection because it's a little more accurate than evolution and probably makes more sense. So here it is,

This Weeks Moment in Natural Selection:


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Murphy's Law of Traffic Lights

So I'm headed to school this morning, about ten minutes late. I had just finished reading this article for my sociology class written by a Native American woman about the schools for Native Americans when she was growing up. One thing she mentioned was how in the old days, Indians would be plucked from their homes where they lived by their body's natural healthy clock, and placed in the white world where they lived under the tyranny of the artificial clock. So reading that, I kind of lost regard for time as I know it. Heading to school ten minutes late however, I didn't have a whole lot of patience for traffic lights. I wasn't terribly stressed or anything, I don't really get that stressed anymore, I just didn't want to get there too late. One thing I've noticed, along a couple of the roads I drive in the morning, if you get stopped by one light, you get stopped by the whole string. So, after stopping for a couple lights, I gunned it when the next light turned yellow, ending up blatantly running it after it had turned red. Oh well, I try not to make a habit out of it, but it happens. So eventually, I got caught in another string of red lights. Basically, I spent the whole trip wanting the lights to be green instead of red.

On the way back, I decided to stop by Fred Meyer and get a plant. I wanted one that was foresty, maybe tropical, not just some yellowing spider plant. There turned out to be a pretty good selection for about six bucks a plant. I ended up choosing one with a tag saying that it's good for purifying toxic air, so I figured it would be healthy to have around. I call it Mr. Planty Man. Anyways, one of the things written on the tag was to keep it out of direct sunlight. So I brought it out to the car, nice hot sunny day out, and placed it on the floor between the dash and the front passenger seat. After driving for a little ways, I noticed that the leaves in the sunlight, which had been firm and waxy, were becoming dull and soggy. So I turned it around, but I didn't want the leaves to look like that all the way around when I got it home, so I decided to cover it with my sunshade. Driving along trying to feel in the back seat for my sunshade, I stopped at a red light for just long enough to find it and drive on. I needed to place it just right, from the dashboard, over to the front passenger seat in order to cover it. So I got to a red light, and tried to position it, when the light turned green and it was time to go again. As I slowed for the next light, that one turned green, and traffic started again. Before long, I realized the irony that I was now hoping for a red light to stop at, in contrast to that morning and my denial that the lights were in fact, red. After the next teaser of a red light, I tried to fix it in place anyway, and found myself drifting towards a car in the left hand lane on the other side. So I stopped and just held it in place for a little while. Eventually, I got to light that was changing red just as I drove up to it. I got the shade in place, covering the plant for about a quarter of a mile until I got home.


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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

J-Dubb's Videos

You might have noticed the link on the side of my blog that says J-Dubb's videos. I've started a video blog now for various video codes from You Tube and Metacafe and other such video sites. Origionally, I just wanted a place to put the video codes for videos that I wanted to keep but couldn't download, so I started a blogger-blog for them and made a shortcut on my desktop to give it the feel of having the control over a downloaded video. But then I decided to link the page to my main blog as a sort of, mini You Tube, and make it a part of the entertainment of the J-Dubb experience.

I've included a Video Menu link which takes you to a blog post that contains a menu of links to all the video posts on the site for easy access.

The main page of the blog contains one days worth of posts. Videos are archived by month and the nine most recent videos are displayed in the sidebar.


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