Friday, October 28, 2011

Kissing Dinosaurs

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Re: How to SNEAK into any Event

A response to Nalts in which I, J-Dubb discuss various strategies for getting away with sneaking into events.

This video is a response to, How to Sneak into Any Event

Music by Kevin MacLeod

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

6 Years...

In October of 2011, I logged on to Blogger, clicked "New Post", and titled that post "6 Years". This was to be my anniversary post, as I had done every year up to that point, in which I recount the activities of J-Dubb's Theatre from the previous October to the present. After writing the title, I stopped and decided to save this post for later. I did not post to this blog again for over a year. This, effectively, was the end of my regular posting to this blog, as I had done since October of 2005. This post, with only a title, has been saved as a draft ever since.

Now, nine years later, I have finally decided to resume this 6 year anniversary blog post...

On October 11, 2010, I posted my 5 year blog post. I did this a bit differently from my usual anniversary posts. Instead of just recounting the previous year, I recounted the previous five years.

At this time, I was in the middle of a contest on YouTube. I created an advertisement for YouTube, and interviewed two political rivals.

Superstar of the Year was Keith Urban, chosen somewhat out of spite.

Halloween season was pretty clown heavy. Pennywise was the Superstar of the Week, and my final video for the contest on YouTube, which was also my Halloween video for the year, featured a guy being stalked by the objects of his phobia. Then, Nosferatu VI featured another horrible creature, the lamprey.

In November, I tried to sell a fish tank to Greg Benson, and Roach taught us all about the story of Thanksgiving.

In December, I picked apart the Christmas classic, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

In January, I recounted the entire year of 2010 on YouTube. I was a little confused, because the whole year had gone by so fast, and in my confusion, I confused Floyd. But Jim straightened things out. Then, I wrote a blog post about the new year, and the the first year of my 30s.

In February, Greg Benson responded to my deal to sell him my fish tank, but he was a little vague. Did he mean, "no" as in "Not just yet"? And, if so, when? Also, I predicted that the world would end in 2021, and celebrated my 4th anniversary on YouTube, in two parts, by reuniting the whole J-Dubb's Theatre gang: Floyd, Jim, Roach, D. Baggins, Wilhelm Hendrickson, Roger LeBlanc, Willy Hicks, and even the sinister Belphegor.

In March, my camera went haywire, cutting out in the middle of a video, and then filming at random times throughout the day. After a two week hiatus, my camera suddenly started filming again, while I was in the middle of packing for a trip.

In April, I was still unable to control my camera, which would catch me at inopportune times. So, I would just roll with it and do a video while it was filming. During this time, I began a YouTuber Award series. Then, a year and a half after the radio takeover of 2009, KUFO breathed it's last, and went off the air for good. I began a campaign to change the next Facebook layout back to the current one, and I proposed a way to bring back the dinosaurs.

May was a pretty busy month. After Rebecca Black had sung about Friday, I got together with some friends, and decided to sing about Tuesday. And, there were outtakes. I then came out of hibernation, featured The Winekone, was raptured, and ridiculed Donald Trump for being a complete moron.

In June, I was hunted down by clowns. I then had a totally unrelated job interview, and decided to think of some ways to alleviate the tension. Then, after being indoctrinated by the clowns, I tried to convert you. Fortunately, Roach hired a deprogrammer to get me out of that situation. Good ol' Roach. So much more useful than he seems.

Then, I told Hollywood to chill with the CGI. Also, up until that week, I had been uploading on Fridays. I decided to expand to twice a week and upload on Tuesdays and Fridays. For my first Tuesday video, I featured Lamar Wilson. However, thanks to my changed schedule with my new job, my first Tuesday video turned out to be my last Tuesday video, and all J-Dubb's Theatre activities slowed down.

In July, I introduced the world to Harry the Hipster, caught mono, and uploaded a video featuring death defying extreme stunts.

There was absolutely zero J-Dubb's Theatre activity for the month of August. Then, in September, I announced my return. I uploaded a video titled I'm Back, which featured me, at one point, driving a rental pickup, due to my car having been smashed into by a girl who was so insistent that she could do no wrong, she actually went to court to testify against the traffic lights. I'm not making that up. I then taught you how to lose weight.

Finally, I uploaded a video, featuring some strange guy with a mustache, who definitely wasn't me in disguise. In this video, this guy attempted to sell a time machine that looked like a fish tank, but was definitely not a fish tank, to Greg Benson. This was the last post I uploaded to this blog. Well, I have uploaded posts since then, every now and again. But, this was the end of its run as an active blog. After this, J-Dubb's Theatre activities were conducted solely through YouTube.

In October, I began my anniversary post, which I titled "6 years". But, I just wasn't motivated to recount the previous year. It was almost all video posts, with few written posts, and I hadn't posted a single Superstar of the Week that entire year. The unwritten anniversary post remained saved as a draft for 9 years.

Then, June 29, 2020, I finally finished this 6 year anniversary blog post, and published it with a date stamp of October, 11, 2011.