Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Last Blog Post

 J-Dubb's Theatre Trivia

 10 years ago, I posted to this blog, for the last time. Okay, obviously, it wasn't the last time, considering I'm posting to it, now. But, It was the last post of the classic run.

From October 2005 to September 2011, I posted consistently to this blog. I posted articles, weekly posts, such as Superstar of the Week and J-Dubb's Moral of the Week, and starting February 2007, I expanded this blog to include online videos, posted to a YouTube channel of the same name.

Eventually, the YouTube aspect of this blog began to take precedence over the blogging aspect. By 2011, with a new job, I had difficulty focusing on YouTube and blogging. I stopped posting the weekly features, like Superstar of the Week, and only had a few blog posts, between videos. Eventually, I stopped writing blog posts. The only things I posted to this blog were embedded videos from my YouTube channel.

By September 2011, it became pointless to continue posting videos to this blog, when the sole focus of J-Dubb's Theatre had become the YouTube channel. September, 24 2011, I posted the video, "Proposition for Greg Benson", and then stopped posting. 

About a year later, I decided to post an official end of the blog. But then, in that post, decided to keep the blog open, even if the consistent run had ended. I've continued to post here and there over the years, the main consistent post being the New Years "10 years ago" reflections. Last year, while home during the pandemic, I even brought back the classic blog format for a while. I also backdated posts of all my YouTube videos that I had uploaded after September 2011, to maintain consistency in the blog's archive. But the classic run went from October 2005 to September 2011.