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J-Dubb's 9/11 Folklore

Alright, I've got a crazy story for you:

About seven years ago, when I was in the Airforce, I scheduled an eye exam. I didn't get to go to this eye exam, however, after a couple of planes flew into the World Trade Center, toppling the two buildings. I still have the sticky note for the appointment. I found it with a bunch of stuff a few years ago and thought it would be an interesting souvenir. It says
"Appt 24th Sept No Doctor
moves to Sept 11th."

Thing is, since then I have not scheduled another eye exam for various reasons. I had some technical issues trying to schedule an appointment while I was still in the Airforce. After that, I have not scheduled an appointment for reasons including procrastination and no health care as an unemployed student. Point is, since my eye exam was cancelled on 9/11/2001 I have not scheduled another exam between now and then.

So today, seven years later, I have finally scheduled another eye exam which will be this Thursday. Guess what the date is.

Superstar of the Week is Jeff Goldblum

Friday, September 05, 2008

Greetings and a Proposition

The Network Executive who hijacked J-Dubb's body has posted a video. He has a proposition for the internet world. What do you think? Should he be trusted?

Greetings and a Proposition