Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Neil Strauss, "The Game"

Well, it was a big day yesterday as it was the first day of this blog. Now the fun's over. Time to get up off the couch, take some apirin, and clean up the mess.

As I was setting up my blog yesterday, my freind, Jon told me about my freind, Adam's blog. Apperently, he had been posting on this blog before he decided to abstain from the internet for religious reasons and I didn't even know about it. One of his last posts on this site featured a test called, "Which Napolean Dynamite Character are You?" So I took this test, and apparently, I am a blond chick. Wow, you learn new things about yourself all the time. When I saw the results with a description of the character, I learned that apparently I wear lip gloss and have a boyfreind too. So that explains why I always have a sticky feeling around my mouth (I mean from the lip gloss! Come on! What were you thinking, ya sicko?) So now that I am aware of this new information, I'm wondering if mabe I should break the news to this guy that I've been sleeping around with chicks. Anyways, something kind of ironic is that I once took a "Who's Your Inner Celebrity?" test and I turned out to be Vin Diesel. So does this mean that Vin Diesel's the blond chick from Napolean Dynamite too? Vin! I didn't know!

So, I think I'm gonna go over to and pick up a copy of the book "The Game" by Neil Strauss. Neil Strauss, aka Style, writes about how he infiltrated the seduction community and learned all the seduction tactics becoming one of the worlds top pickup artists(PUA). Apparently, he eventually decided that pickup had become too much of an addiction and it was fucking him up, so he decided to leave the seduction community. A lot of PUAs are pissed off about this, fealing like they've been sold out.

Well, my head's pounding and this mess isn't gonna clean it's self up, so adeu for now.