Thursday, December 08, 2005

I love public education

I just posted this on the ********* forum, thought I'd use it to revitalize my blog.

I agree. Public education is a joke. When I was in highschool, I was lazy, didn't care, rarely did my homework, and when I did, I copied out of the back of the book. Now that I've been out for a while and I know what I want to do, and am choosing to do it myself, I'm working on my PHD and I'm doing great. I know all the public service people would hate me because they want to hear, "Work hard in school if you want to amount to anything." but what happens in high school means jack shit to the rest of your life. I knew people who were in the advanced IB programs and today they're just your average joe "workin for the man". Their grades and all their advanced programs were meaningless.

As far as the content of public education, that's a joke as well. Not that there's anything wrong with learning algebra or history(I myself enjoy history), but this is not fundamental shit that people need to be learning at the beginning of life. What people need to learn is how to handle their emotions, their bodies, their minds. What's the point of teaching the periodic table when so many people don't even know how to manage their lives without anti-depressants.

And when kids get bored and have more interesting things going through their minds while they're sitting there, they're given drugs to turn them into zombies for the whole day.

People are so programmed to believe in the importance of this education system. But then again, that's really all this education system is, programing people how to fit into society, how to impress their second parents, after they outgrow their first parents.

If you want to teach people, take them out into the world and let them actually experience being alive. Don't pack them into little rooms where all they're gonna learn is how to live inside their heads. Then, when they actually know themselves and what they want out of life, they can choose what they want to study. 

Note from the distant future: Do good in school...

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and do good in school.

Note from the more distant future: Do *well in school.

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