Monday, January 16, 2006

The Best Blond Joke Ever

Alright, I was trying to think of something to update my blog with earlier. Well, I finally found something. This is THE best blond joke I've ever heard. I was rolling so hard I almost choked to death on my #11 from Carl's Jr. So anyway, here's the link.

The best blonde joke ever

Note from the future: The original link, and subsequent links, no longer exist. Basically, it was a chain of links, all claiming to link to "The Best Blonde Joke", and then linking to the next page which claims to link to "The Best Blond Joke" continually, forever. Almost no trace of this joke, which mostly operated from Live Journal, still exists on on the internet, today. So, I've redirected the link, to an article which discusses this old forgotten meme, with a slightly different take.

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Anonymous said...

thats so funny it reminds me of that funny movie, you know that funny one. big pimpin.