Friday, July 14, 2006

Legend of the Green Dragon

Check out the Legend of the Green Dragon on Jon Dodson's blog. LoGD is a comical take off of Seth Able's RPG style game, Legend of the Red Dragon. LoGD is an all text game which places you in a mysterious village which is constantly plagued by a menacing Green Dragon. The player works their way up 14 levels untill they are ready to face the dragon. Each dragon kill results in a higher rank, ie, start out as a Farmboy/girl and work your way up to warrior and centurian and so on. LoGD includes in game chatting with other players, pvp fights, several mini games, and implied sexual encounters. It's a highly addictive game, but fortunately, each player is limited in their amount of fights per day for those of us who have other things to do with our time. So check it out: Legend of the Green Dragon

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