Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Crack Kills Classics

Awhile ago I started loading my classic Crack Kills comics onto a web site and I said I would load 5 per week. The old comics were all on 3.5 disks so I had to have them e-mailed to me by someone who had a 3.5 disk drive. For some reason, all the comics that were larger than four rows were compressed during the e-mailing process. So I expanded them and had to draw over them because they were all pixilated. Well, 10 shy of the origional 40, I just got tired of going over the comics that were compressed, so I stopped. That was some time ago. So I'm gonna try to retrieve the old comics again and just upload the whole thing onto the website, and then I'll start uploading the new CK's. The new comics will have a completely different look btw.

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