Monday, August 14, 2006

I Fought the Jabberwocky

I just wanted to share this dream I had last night because I thought it was kind of cool. It started out, I was walking around Portland when it started raining some sort of acid rain. So I ran for cover into some sort of parking garage or something along with a whole bunch of other people taking shelter. Then, suddenly, it was several years later and Portland was all abandoned. I had spent the last several years wandering around, surviving, and avoiding the jabberwocky, this green flying demon thing. At one point, the Jabberwocky showed up and this guy in medieval armor with a sword came out and started fighting it. This was still in the middle of Portland, BTW. He managed to ward off the Jabberwocky and then disappeared. Later on, this other guy in armor led me to this building. He brought me into a board room where people in suits were sitting around a conference table. Apparently this guy had set up a knights of the round table thing, and the people in suits were the knights. They told me about how their purpose was to rid the world of the jabberwocky, but so far, no one knew how to kill it. So it turned out they had a whole kingdom of people living in the area, so I stayed with them.

One morning, I woke up and there were these strange looking eggs next to my bed. Then this guy with a bucket showed up and said that he was collecting Jabberwocky eggs. Apparently, the Jabberwocky would lay eggs next to people at night and if they slept too long, the hatchlings would eat their brains.

So later on, the Jabberwocky started attacking, and at that point I remembered something that I had been blocking out from the day several years ago when when the acid rain started falling. That was the same day that the Jabberwocky first made it's appearance. It came into the parking garage where I took shelter and started attacking people, but when it got to me, I put my hands around it's neck and became surrounded by a yellow light. The Jabberwocky screamed in pain and flew off. It was more than I could take though, and I fainted and blacked out the whole thing. Apparently, the guy who started the knights had witnessed it which was why he sought me out.

So, the Jabberwocky was attacking this kingdom in the middle of the city, and I went to approach it and found that it was afraid of me. Whenever I got close to it, it would run off somewhere else. Eventually, I cornered it, so it freaked out and started beating the shit out of me. At one point, it had grabbed ahold of me, and I surrendered to the now. When that happened, the yellow light enveloped me again and the Jabberwocky screamed in pain. Then I started knocking it around, throwing it, headbutting it, and shooting lightning at it until it was subdued. Then I walked over and broke its neck. The dream ended after that.

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