Friday, August 11, 2006

Mistakes in History

The other day, I went to Seven Eleven to get a slurpee. I hadn't had one in years. It was a hot summer day, so I thought, what the hell, I'm gonna go get a slurpee. So I went in, and didn't see one slurpee. Well, okay, there were slurpees, but there were no slurpee flavored slurpees. There were exotic flavors like orange mango and stuff, but none of the flavor that I loved in my childhood. Now, these new flavors may be good, but I'll get them when I'm in the mood to try something new, not when I'm in the mood for something I've had before. So I got a raspberry lemonade, figuring it would be the closest flavor to what I wanted. The thing turned out to be sour as all hell, unlike most raspberry lemonade drinks which are sweet. It was like a liquefied warhead.

Anyway, throughout history, there are events that make you go, "that was stupid", or, "what the fuck were they thinking". For example, taking the native Americans out of their tribes and forcing them to conform the psychotic rat race that we are a part of was definitely a bone-head move.

What I'm talking about today is a game called, "Link Faces of Evil". A little backhistory into this story: for those of you who may have wondered why Nintendo was so reluctant to go from cartridges to CDs, when Sony was so successful. In the nineties, before there was a Playstation, Nintendo made a deal with Sony to work together to come out with a CD system. For whatever reason, Nintendo decided to ditch Sony and got together with Phillips. This move was another of history's mistakes, but not the particular one that I will be talking about. Nintendo gave some of its licensing to Phillips, including the licensing to a certain Legend of Zelda theme. Phillips then came out with its own flop of a system called CDI, on which they decided to create their own Zelda based games. These games were "Link, Faces of Evil", "Zelda, The Wand of Gamelon", which placed Zelda as the Heroin and Link as the figure in need of rescuing, and "Zelda's Adventure", which also cast Zelda as the playable character.
Here are the intro and ending videos for Link Faces of Evil.

FoE intro
FoE ending

So apparently, Link is some half baked stoner and Zelda is some spoiled ungrateful brat who seems oblivious to the fact that Link has saved her and Hyrule on countless occasions. And yes, Link did in fact say "golly" at the end. So anyways, the CDi Zelda series definitely deserves a seat in history's hall of mistakes.

BTW, sorry there was no animal of the week this week. I know you were all in anticipation of what this weeks animal would be, so here's one for you.

It's a frog.

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