Monday, February 19, 2007

J-Dubb's Videos/ 1st Video

A while ago, I added a "J-Dubb's Videos" link to this blog. The link lead to a second blog called "J-Dubb's Videos". This blog featured videos that I had found on YouTube and Metacafe and other such video sites. It was originally supposed to be a personal site for all the videos that I liked, but I then decided to make it a part of
J-Dubb's Theatre.

One problem that this had was videos would be deleted, or user accounts would be cancelled, making the videos no longer accessible from my page after I had added them to the menu. Eventually, I stopped adding videos.

I still have the link up there in the sidebar, underneath the "Crack Kills" link, only I've rerouted it to my new YouTube account.
That's right, J-Dubb's Theatre is now in live action video.My first video is an advertisement for this blog. In the future you can expect sketches, spoof commercials, and maybe a few rants on the credit industry or the evilness of X-Box.

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