Tuesday, April 03, 2007

April Post

This is the first ever post in the month of April for J-Dubb's Theatre. If you look at the archives, 2006 skips from March to May, and the blog was started in October of 2005, missing that years April. So today marks Theatre history as the first ever April post.

Since this is a short post, this is where I normally add the drumming fat kid for entertainment, but he's on vacation, so sit back and be wowed by the musings of Paccy the alpaca.

btw, what's the deal with naming animals after their species or parts of their body, like Paccy or Whiskers. You don't see people walking around named Humey the human or Handsy the person.


Anonymous said...

My son Buttsy read this post yesterday and still hasn't stopped crying. Thanks for nothing J-Dubb!

J-Dubb said...

If just one person is offended I've done my job.:)