Tuesday, July 10, 2007

J-Dubb Online

When I first started this blog, I would occasionally look up J-Dubb and J-Dubb's Theatre on Google and Yahoo to see how long it took the crawlers to find my site. Yahoo crawlers seem to be a lot faster btw. Anyways, occasionally I'll still look up J-Dubb's Theatre just to see what all comes up. Usually old posts like, Superstar of the Week is Don Polinsky. My old videos page comes up too. Well, I just tried it again yesterday, and the results have changed a lot since I've started doing YouTube videos. About J-Dubb comes up probably the most, and on more sites than just YouTube. I also found some Winekone results and even a Boh3m3 result, just because I have a couple video responses to them. In fact, my videos seem to dominate the results pages now.

Interestingly, one thing I've found is, J-Dubb Design, which is interesting in that as a graphic design student I've actually used the label, J-Dubb Design. I guess someone's beat me to it.

Anyways, one person who always comes up when I put in a search is this rapper. In fact, this guy was pretty much the predominant search result until recently. Anyways, something kind of curious that I found listed under, J-Dubb - AOL Music, was the description reading, This is the first ever post in the month of April for J-Dubb's Theatre. ... This one is a documentary about myself and the beginnings of J-Dubb's Theatre. ..., one of my old posts and then the description for one of my videos. But when I clicked the link, it brought me here. I couldn't find anything about J-Dubb's Theatre on the AOL Music page, though.

Anyways, time to go prep for my next video.

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