Saturday, July 07, 2007

J-Dubb's Theatre is Like a Lawnmower

" Adam said...
Man, you teased us with this post almost a week ago, and since then, NOTHING! :)
June 29, 2007 9:41 PM "

A friend of mine named Adam, wrote this comment on a post that I wrote two weeks ago, in regards to my commenting that I would start posting regularly again. Other people are probably thinking about the same thing as him. Well, including the post that he's referring to and the previous superstar of the week, I actually have posted a lot more these past two weeks than I have in the past few months, new video posts aside. Thing is, J-Dubb's Theatre is like a lawnmower, as stated in the title of this post. It takes a few revs to get it going. Look back at June of 06 in my archive, and you'll find that approximately a year before I wrote the post, Summer Time, I was once again talking about bringing the regular posts back to this blog. There were a few more posts that month then there were the previous months, but the blog didn't really pick back up until the following July, which turned out to be the busiest month in Theatre history. Then the blog went pretty heavily the following few months until about December, when things started to slow down again. So I guess I should clarify, from now on, instead of just saying I'll be posting regularly again, I should say I'm starting to rev up J-Dubb's Theatre again.

Edit: It was actually May 06 when I decided to start posting regularly again, I started back up in July, and August, not July, had the record number of posts, equaling the amount of posts in all of 2005 (which doesn't really say much since there were only three months in 2005)

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