Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tribute to the Tazer Kid

So you've probably heard by now about Andrew Meyer, the University of Florida student who was tazered during a John Kerry speech. Otherwise, you probably live inside a media vacuum, much like me, who really only heard about this by chance. Well, from what I hear, it's been pretty prevalent on the "News", you know, that show you can see on your television boxamajigger.

Anyways, my claim today is that Andrew Meyer is a hero. Why do I say this? Is he a valiant martyr who's been oppressed for exercising his right to free speech? Eh, not exactly. I have a different reason for dubbing him with the title of "hero". (Hey, dubb, like J-Dubb. I've never thought about that.)

To start off, as mentioned, former presidential candidate, John Kerry, was giving a speech at the University of Florida. At some point, the student, Andrew Meyer, burst into the auditorium, pursued by the police. He ran up to the stadium demanding to ask some questions, to which Kerry gave consent. As Kerry prepared to answer the questions, the police officers grappled Meyer and began to haul him off, jumping and hollering, and screaming, "Why are you arresting me? Help! Help!" At some point, Meyer fell to the ground, while the officers huddled around him, demanding that he comply. This lead to one of the officers tazing him, while he shouted, "Ow Ow Ow! Oh my God!"

Now, Andrew Meyer doesn't seem to be very tactful. In fact, by all accounts he's an attention mongering drama queen, something which I would not normally condone. But I'm making an exception in this case, reason being; Here we have a structured forum, with protocol up the yin-yang. In bursts Tazer-Boy, hooting like a howler monkey. Next: CHAOS!!!
That's right, Meyer brought chaos, that which fosters life, into this dry lifeless void known as a forum. If not for him, these attendees would have sat there, draining their life energy, then proceeded through a lifeless day, eventually retiring to a boring nights sleep.

So, J-Dubb's Theatre salutes Andrew Meyer, master in the art of chaos. In fact, cheers to John Kerry, as well, for being tactful during this event.

And here's some of the video footage.

and this one has some interesting stuff that happened after they left the auditorium

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