Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Nosferatu III

In the last episode of Nosferatu, I talked about the viscous life sucking creature known as Bank of America. I explained how Bank of America, and banks in general, drain your energy by trying to make you believe that you are dependant on them, and then convincing you to give them your money, calling it, "fees."

In this episode, I will talk about another large life sucking entity, which is growing more and more similar to banks, called college. College is an entity which charges large amounts of tuition, leaving it's attendees virtually destitute for the years which they attend, yet it doesn't stop there. Students also have to pay sky high prices for textbooks, like my $127.00 softcover marketing book. But it doesn't stop there. On top of the visible expenses, are many fees, much like with banks. Each class will have fees for each class, depending on the amount of credits, like lab fees. Then there's parking fees, and library computer fees. And if you're thinking of taking classes online, there's a fee for online video streaming. These institutions can charge all kinds of fees, because, like banks, they have no fear. Colleges are seen as the road to success, thus everybody wants in and will pay any price.

Beware the fees

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