Thursday, May 08, 2008

Zelda on YouTube

So I was browsing YouTube today, something I don't seem to do that often these days, despite that one of my hobbies is making videos for YouTube. Anyways, so I was browsing the featured page, and I got myself onto one of those chains, where I'm watching a video, and one of the related videos catches my interest, so I click on it to watch it, then one of the related videos on that page catches my interest, and so on. So I eventually found myself browsing a bunch of videos related to The Legend of Zelda, and found that a few people have made their own renditions of Zelda, some live action, and others digital. There were three of them that I liked enough to favorite.

This is what appears to be a trailer for a live action Zelda movie. It is actually an elaborate April fools joke, done by IGN. Those gaming people have a tendency to throw out pretty convincing hoaxes on April Fools. Anyways, this video is very well done, and looks like a real Hollywood production.

Personally, the Zelda canon is confusing enough as it is, I think it would be best to keep it within the confines of videogames.

This next video is a CGI rendition based on the creators interpretation of the final battle between Ganon and Link.

The video can also be downloaded here:
I found it a bit ironic that when I right clicked the download link, my option from the dropdown menu was "save link" (Internet Explorer users would have "save target", instead).

This third video is a live action Zelda parody, filmed by a group of kids for a school project. The sound is a bit sub par, but I found the video to be pretty funny. Also, you might want to allot 30 minutes of time to watch this.

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