Thursday, July 24, 2008

Adobe Updates Every Time You Poop

Is it just me? There is a slew of new updates every time I click on an Adobe product. Even when I click to open a pdf document in a Google search, I get a list of updates. Granted, as a web developer I do have a few Adobe products installed on my computer; but every time I use a product?

The crazy thing is, I get the download alert when I go to use an Adobe application. If I'm working on a project in Adobe software, I kind of want to keep my space free for the software, a web browser or two, and occasionally a second Adobe application. I don't want to be installing updates on top of it all.

Maybe frequent updates are a strategy of big software companies; give the customers the feeling that they're on top of things. In that case; thanks, Adobe for for being on the ball. Bang-up job.

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