Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dubb 2.0

I read a statement by Nalts; actually, I think he was quoting someone else, so it's really a quote of a quote, but basically it said that, "a new blogger spends a lot of time on their blog. An old blogger spends a lot of time on other peoples blogs." It's time for J-Dubb's Theatre to take on the ways of the old blogger in my new project, Dubb 2.0.

I've blogged since September, 2005, and made YouTube videos since Febuary, 2007. During this time, I would browse other blogs or videos on occasion when the mood struck. I would even write the occasional comment.

Interestingly, I created the Network series, a fictional video series about the slipping of "old media", and the rise of "new media", yet I wasn't fully taking advantage of what it was that made the new media different from the old media. As if myself and other internet content providers were merely new versions of the old media content providers.

Under Dubb 2.0, J-Dubb's Theatre will be more than just another content provider. It will be a social outlet, connecting with other content providers. And Dubb 2.0 is a fitting name for this project; as the focus of web 2.0 is mainly social collaboration, it shares the same purpose as Dubb 2.0.

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