Saturday, October 11, 2008

3 Years of J-Dubb

Well, three years have gone by now since that first J-Dubb's Theatre post. This blog has kept going since then, and has even spun off a YouTube channel. I was hoping to break a hundred posts by the end of 2008, but I've had a lot going on since the end of the summer, including setting up an internship, and now it's looking like I may not even have as many posts as last year. Ah well, there's always next year. After all, I am now in my final term of school.

So anyway, without further adieu, let the recounting of year three begin:

As always, year three began with the recounting of the previous year.

Then came the Halloween season. I had a week of Halloween posts, including Nosferatu, and the first Halloween video. It is unsure yet as to whether there will be a Halloween video this year. It could happen, despite being in the middle of The Network series.

In November, Oprah put up a YouTube channel, I "pwned" a slovenly roommate in a video sketch, and I topped my post count from 2006.

December, I took the YouTube "H8orz" to school, and then wrote a melancholy post about the passing of years.

In January, I analyzed a mysterious brain teaser which has been showing up in comments and message boards around the Internet. Then I gave five facts about myself.

In February, I showed YouTube how to get noticed, in a parody of several top YouTube videos and vloggers.

That March, I put a hurting on both Tacobell and Billy Mayes.

In April, I proposed a new reality show and created an advertisement for J-Dubb's Theatre.

Then in May, I revealed the truth about the mysterious vlogger, Magibon.

In June, I decided to put my foot down on spamming contests.

And in July, I did several things, including giving five facts about myself again, questioning the controversy of e-begging, I initiated Dubb 2.0, and I deconstructed the monstrosity known as "Highlander the Source."

In August, Smosh was suspended from YouTube, but reinstated shortly after. I finally broke 166 subscribers after a small subscriber curse. And I introduced the world to Moepickles.

But then, towards the end of the month, the mysterious Network Executive turned up. He imprisoned me (J-Dubb) inside my own mind, and is using my body to reinstate his power. After this happened, absentee blogger activated. That means that this isn't really J-Dubb writing this, but an algorithm that is posting everything exactly as J-Dubb would have written it anyway. Now that end has been tucked in nice and cozy.

In September, the Executive, calling himself Belphegor, made a video proposal to YouTube. Then I posted about a rather eerie incident involving 9-11 and an eye exam that I made... er... I mean that's what would have happened if I weren't trapped inside my own mind, of course.

And finally October. Usually I have a Superstar of the Year before the anniversary post, but I missed it this week. But don't worry, there will be a Superstar of the Year this coming week.

And now the fourth year begins with a recounting of the previous year.

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