Monday, December 01, 2008

Who Are These People?

YouTube: most subscribed and changes
Wow; I've been incredibly busy these last several months and haven't been able to do a lot of the things that I normally do, like spending time on YouTube. Today I took a look at the most subscribed lists. A lot's changed.

I remember when it was a big deal that Smosh had over 100,000 subscribers. Now everybody on the first three pages have at least that many and Smosh has 6 times that. Not to mention that Smosh has moved down to the 3rd most subscribed channel after dominating 1st the most subscribed spot throughout the majority of YouTube's life.

Now, a kid calling himself Fred is in the number 1 spot. I first learned of Fred a few months ago after Nalts made a response to one of his videos. I watched one of his videos, and had no desire to see any more. Fred is a young guy who speeds up his voice in chipmunk fashion in order to portray a 6 year old character. He had a feature spot during YouTube Live, but I had no idea until today that he had sprung up to the number 1 most subscribed spot.

There's a few people on the front page who have kind of always been there, like Smosh and JamesNintendoNerd. HappySlip and sxephil are up there now. They've been on the list for quite a while, but I don't recall seeing them on the front page before. Then there's people I've never even heard of like, nigahiga and therealdemilovato.

People who were once prominent, like Boh3m3, Renetto, and Blunty3000, are now nowhere near the most subscribed all time list (although they are still on the most sbscribed directors list if you navigate back a few pages.) Makes me wonder if most people even know who they are anymore.

I remember, when I first started out on YouTube; actually I started out watching videos towards the beginning, but when I first started getting into the whole YouTube community thingy, the talk all over YouTube was the whole Lonelygirl15 scandal thing. Then the talk moved to "is DaxFlame for real", then the LisaNova spamming incident, then Renetto and his "revolution", then Magibon. I have no idea what it is now, but I wonder how many people on there nowadays even know who Lonlygirl15 is.