Friday, February 20, 2009

No Bulletins No Views

YouTube Bulletins and other YouTube changes

What's the deal? I uploaded my video, The Network - The Elusive Past about three weeks ago and so far it only has 42 views. This is also the first video I've posted since YouTube got rid of channel bulletins. It seems those bulletins weren't so worthless after all. Thanks YouTube for taking another step to make sure the partners and sponsored channels continue to rake in the views while sweeping the rest of your users into the closet and out of sight.

And on that note, is it just me or is YouTube trying to be Facebook? Bulletins have been replaced by this recent activity box, and now we have this homepage which displays the recent activity of all our freinds. Of course, this homepage is generally pretty sparse because most people don't like to have their recent activity displayed. Not to mention, it seems that most people don't even care that it's even there for them to look at. The question is, why does YouTube feel the need to be FaceBook? It's already YouTube for crissake! It's like Coke trying to be more like Old Navy. Come to think of it, Coke learned the lesson of changing it's formula back in the 80's. Is YouTube making the same mistake?

The other problem of YouTube trying to be everyone else, is that it's watering down it's flavor. Don't confuse this with a self help cliche, but basically, YouTube needs to be the best YouTube it can be. It can't compete with Facebook by trying to be more like Facebook, because Facebook isn't trying to be like someone else. They are capitalizing on what makes them Facebook. YouTube will lose against Facebook going that route, because people will choose the higher quality Facebook over the watered down Facebook. If a hammer tries to improve itself by being more like a screwdriver, it will lose out to both screwdrivers and hammers. Focus on being a superior hammer.

And give us back our bulletins for crissake!

J-Dubb out

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