Friday, March 06, 2009

LisaNova; Out to Pasture

Well, that does it. After her latest video, LisaNova is now over as far as I'm concerned. Lisa's new video, titled "Subscriptions Are AMAZING!!!", is a video that she put out for YouTube's Adopt a Feature contest. Google has started this contest to encourage content providers to make videos explaining how to use certain YouTube features that users might not know about. LisaNova chose to make a video touching on subscribing to channels, creating an account, and the new freind activity feature. (See my rants on YouTube's new features.)

This video begins with a neanderthal like person, grunting in frustration, as he seems to have some desire to touch the people in their videos. The good fairy, played by LisaNova, then takes the ape man to some magical realm type place, where he is now shirtless and wearing star shaped nipple pasties, for whatever reason. Obnoxious tirades ensue, as LisaNova uses the computer which dominates this place to explain the afore mentioned features to her simple compatriot; perhaps her way of saying, "so easy a caveman could do it."

Now, I lost interest in LisaNova quite some time ago. Her last video that I enjoyed was "LisaNova Does YouTube", in the summer of 2007. I was trying to still like her prior to that when she did her 300 parody, her obnoxious Affirmation Girl series, and that Pirates series where she expresses her bizaare annoyance with Kiera Knightly. But then, LisaNova Does YouTube was refreshingly fun (though many people would disagree with me). After that, however, it was all down hill and I eventually just stopped watching. I kept my subscription out of courtesy. This latest video was the final straw, and judging from the bulk of comments, I'm not alone. As far as I'm concerned, LisaNova is gone, and has been replaced by an impersonator played by a chimpanzee.

As far as something constructive that I would advise LisaNova on, all I can really say is; it happens. I know this happens to people all the time. People pass their prime, and they really don't know what to do about it. Perhaps in her fame, she has lost the charm of being an independant video maker. Perhaps she knows this and is trying too hard to get this charm back. She has certainly tried to play the "I'm with the little guy" card.

One thing I would have to say, about LisaNova now in contrast with LisaNova then, is that her videos used to have a more contemplative feel. She was never really that funny; she was more interesting. She kind of had an artistic apeal. Now it seems she is going all for funny and has lost her charm. Whereas I used to see LisaNova as being pensive and witty, I now associate her with high pitched squealing and flailing limbs. Perhaps what she needs is to move on from being the small time video maker she once was, while at the same time, stop trying so hard to be funny and recapture the contemplateiveness she once had.

Now, I will by no means imply that she should quit. Instead I would encourage her to keep doing it untill she finds something new that works. Maybe when that happens, I'll start watching her again.

And finally, I will not post or link to the offending video. You can find it if you really want to torture yourself. Instead, I will conclude by posting a LisaNova classic.

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