Friday, April 17, 2009

Y-Tube-K: The YouTube Redesign Crisis has Passed

The "HuluTube" Crisis

So, yesterday I logged onto the web to find a lot of people panicking about a crises that was supposed to take place that day. Apparently, a big redesign was scheduled for YouTube, which would basically change YouTube into a second Hulu and throw all of it's user content, including it's promoted partners, into the back seat. This past week, many irate VLOGs have sprang up on YouTube in lieu of this redesign.

According to the rumor, YouTube was going to remove the existing tabs from it's home page and replace them with tabs which only lead you to "premium content", meaning studio generated content. There would only be one tab on the site's navigation bar which would lead visitors to user content.

Turns out that these claims were exagerated. There was a change, but the change involved adding a new tab labeled, "shows". This tab leads you to a HULU-like portion of YouTube. The rest of YouTube, however, is just the same. Nothing has been omitted. Basically, we've had a mini YouTube version of the Y2K scare.

I had started a blog post on the subject, which I scrapped once I found out that the whole thing may be exagerated. But what if the whole thing were true? Would that really be the death of the YouTube community? See, successful people seem to talk a lot about turning the bad into the good. One thing I wanted to mention was that there was actually some good potential for the YouTube community.

See, for quite a while now, YouTube's moves have been a hinderance to the community. It's basically become watered down and obscure. There's become a big divide between those who YouTube promotes, and the little guy trying to be seen. Basically, it's an age old conflict. But what if YouTube were to separate the paid studio content from the user generated content? Wouldn't it pretty much set the user generated portion of YouTube back to square one; back to how it was in the beginning? I say let YouTube promote it's paid studio content. Then maybe we can have the community back. Or, as Blunty3000 has just pointed out, isn't this separation pretty much what the YouTube community's been asking for anyway?

And what if YouTube stops promoting us? If we want to be promoted, we can do it the old fashion way; do it ourselves. Or do we need mommy(YouTube) to hold our hand and do it for us? Are we all that dependent on the YouTube corporation? Pull your pants up and have some self respect. As YouTube becomes more Network-ised, why not start our own websites geared toward promoting who we choose to promote. No point sitting around whining, right? So bring on Y-Tube-K!

Here's a video which I just ran into, while looking for links. This has become my favorite video on the subject:

"HULU-TUBE the death of YouTube" Blunty Rants again!

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