Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Al Roker Pwns Two Nobodies

Who the Hell are Hedi and Spencer?Listening to the Rick Emerson show yesterday morning I heard some soundbites of a couple of kids, a boy and a girl, who seemed none too pleased with Al Roker. I had no idea who they were, but listening to the boy speak, I envisioned a white boy with a sideways hat, baggy jeans, and a few scraggly hairs on his upper lip where a mustache would be. I was right as far as the scraggly lip hairs, no sideways cap or baggy jeans though. But then if it weren't for Hollywood stylists, who knows.

According to the duo, during an interview with Al Roker on the Today Show, Al Roker attacked them and acted all mean and nasty. One thing that stood out in particular from these sound bites was when the boy commented, "I had no idea that the weatherman (Roker) was even allowed to ask questions to superstars."

Wait a tic... superstars? I've never even heard of these people before. Just how super can they be? What exactly is the definition of a superstar? You'd think I'd have heard of them somewhere before.

Turns out they're both from a reality show. Ordinarily, that would be enough of an explanation as to why I was unaware of their existence. A reality show is, after all, the lowest possible form of entertainment. I generally don't pay them any attention. But then, this particular reality show is called; "I'm a Celebrity, Get Me out of Here!", a title which implies that these people were already celebrities prior to their appearance on this show.

I know of Al Pacino. I know of Tom Cruise. I know of Jerry Seinfeld. I know of Ellen Degenerece. I know of Tim Allen. I know of Alex Rodriguez. I know of Sean "P Diddy" Combs. I know of Susan freakin Boyle. I certainly know of Al Roker "the weatherman." But who the hell are you?

Their names are Spencer and Heidi. Or as media enthusiasts and tabloidiers have so cleverly dubbed them... groan... Speidi!? Yay human race. I'm so proud of you in this moment.

Turns out they're both best known for starring on an MTV show called The Hills. Now that explains my lack of awareness quite adequately. Who watches MTV these days? In fact, they're not even famous for starring in TV shows. They're famous, as it's been said, for being infamous, not unlike Paris Hilton. Who knew or cared who she was before her sex tape? They have gotten attention recently on their reality show for being whiny, eccentric, and belligerent; basically for acting like jackasses. You know, typical reality show contestants.

So, as I listened to these Superstars share their tales of woe regarding the brute, Al Roker, several other comments stood out.

For instance, Spencer shared his feelings of how, "I wanted to just leap across and just... rip his (Roker's) head off, but ever since I got saved I'm working on not wanting to kill people on TV."

And of course, Heidi shared her two cents. "I really would advise women especially to be careful around him because I feel like he definitely came and attacked me and I did not appreciate that at all."

What's worse here? Is it the fact that she's pulling a Palin on Roker, trying to make him out to be the evil woman oppressing bad guy? Or is it that she's relegating her entire gender to a class of weaklings, unable to deal with a strong and cunning male?

So, here's the interview in question. Here, you can clearly see how Al Roker gets angry and yells, you know, in that completely not angry and yelling sort of way. In this interview, it seems that the two Superstars are generally clueless that they are famous for being a couple of boobs.

After Spencer admits, in a smug tone, that his favorite scenes are the ones where he's being a little bitch, you can see Al Roker try to hide his disdain. He then asks Heidi if she's proud of it all. I mean, what else are you gonna ask after that? When she doesn't answer the question, he asks it again, and then again a third time, you know, directing the interview as is the interviewer's job to do. Then he calls them on their contradictions. But then, people who are full of shit don't like having their contradictions exposed, so of course Al Roker must be the bad guy.

It also cracks me up when Spencer says, "In a television show that has a one winner, like a champion, I wanna be the bad guy, but in real life I wanna be the hero." So basically you're saying that you want to be the villain when it benefits you to get yourself on top and then play the hero the rest of the time to make yourself look good. Yeah... that's called the villain.

It's also interesting how Spencer's proudest moments seem to be him yelling at people and generally acting like a douche, but then these two cry about their horrible treatment during this interview.

So anyways, now you know who these people are and it's all my fault. Mwahahaha!! J-Dubb out.

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