Sunday, October 11, 2009

Four More Years! Four More Years!

Well, it's now year four of J-Dubb's Theatre's existence. That's right, it's October 11th, which means it's time for the annual recounting of the past year.

At the time of last years recounting, I was still in the middle of season 2 of The Network. The series ran a lot longer than I had planned on. Whereas it was intended to be a summer series, it ran all the way to the beginning of the following spring. At this time, according to The Network storyline, I was possessed by an entity calling himself Belphegor, my consciousness was trapped in the woods in the middle of my mind, and everything posted on my blog was written by an algorithm programmed to compute everything that I would have written had I been present.

Superstar of the Year
came the Monday after the recounting, instead of the Monday before.

That month, I found out that I wasn't the only person who was annoyed by Toyota's "Saved by Zero" commercial. Ironically, I'm now driving a Toyota.

Then, Halloween came and I did a bunch of Halloween stuff, including my yearly Nosferatu blog post. It was about Chupacabras and was the first Nosferatu post that I was actually satisfied with after writing it.

The following month, Obama won the presidential elections and I got spammed by Snuggie.

In December, I realized that YouTube wasn't the same YouTube as it was when I began watching. Shortly after, YouTube got rid of its bulletin system; the easiest way to promote your videos on YouTube short of spamming people. I was irate. On the other hand, I was rather pleased to see my blog post on the first page of search results.

The next month I welcomed in the new year. Jon began hosting the Legend of the Green Dragon on his server again. And in The Network series, I regained full memory of my past. In lieu of this, I realized that I could not only see whatever Belphegor was thinking, since he was using my brain to think it, I could also see whatever he was seeing in the real world. That was good, because I was getting pretty bored in that woods. When I found that I could actually speak to Belphegor, I decided to have a little fun with him. Hey, the bastard was possessing me and trying to take over the world. It served him right.

In February, I began posting on Twitter. I also learned of Oregon's sesquicentennial celebration. 150 years of the existence of Oregon. Also, my video "J-Dubb Does LisaNova Does YouTube" was silenced for a small part which contains Simon and Garfunkel's "The Sound of Silence." How's that for irony?

A lot of stuff happened in March. I became free from Belphegor, but was unable to stop him from initiating the War of the Networks. This ended season 2 of The Network. Also in March, I came to the realization that LisaNova was no longer funny, and that I wanted to go to work. I introduced my new video camera, discussed Tommy Westphall's Universe, Starbuck remembered All Along the Watchtower, and I had a dream about bears.

In April, I won a Technorati Blogger's Choice Award... April Fools. Then I nearly ruined Nalts. I also retired the old J-Dubb's Theatre banner with the picture of me super imposed into a chair which is super imposed into a den. I replaced it with the current banner that you can see right now if you scroll up.

Also this month, YouTube had a crisis and I became a Blazer fan again after 15 years.

In May, Kablamo! went up against Shampoo! ala Billy Mays vs Vince of Shamwow. Then a creepy clown was arrested at a children's party.

In June, I made a video sponsored by Jack Daniel's, Al Roker went at it with two people I've never heard of before, and summer began. There was a video too. The month ended with the passing of Billy Mays.

In July, I figured out Chase Bank's devious plan for world domination.

In August, I called up my bank and ended up on a game show. Then I visited a mystery hole... tee hee.

In September, I watched Phil the Alien and powned The Station. They didn't accept my video as a response. Bastards.

And finally, this month I featured William Shatner as Superstar of the year, made a tribute to YouTube of 2006, and wrote this blog post. I concluded by linking you to a random article about iguanas.

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