Friday, May 07, 2010

Farewell to PDX Sucks/ Hails to The Morning Submission

Today marked the last airing of Portland based podcast, Portland Sucks, aka PDX Sucks. Unfortunately I haven't been able to tune in to the live airing of PDX Sucks very often for the last few months, but when I did, it was always a fun experience. The show would include real time chatting with the hosts, an experience only the internet could offer, and it was always fun to see how they would respond to comments.

Today, I had to make the time to tune in to the final podcast. Hosts Robert Wagner and Sabrina Miller explained how the main reason for this is that the name "Portland Sucks" simply isn't marketable, as it tends to scare away advertisers and media people, and Wagner needs to put bread on the table.

They also talked about how PDX Sucks began as the blog of an out of place Seattlite trying to make heads or tails out of the strange Portland crowd. Eventually it became a daily podcast which lead to the launching of, home to several Portland based podcasts, including the legendary Cort and Fatboy show.

But all is not lost. Come Monday morning, the hosts of PDX Sucks will return, along with Jay Mackin of Unibash Radio and Emily Gibson of The Meat Show, to form a new entity known as The Morning Submission.

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