Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gingers do Have Souls!!!!

Today's DaxFlame Has Red Hair

Earlier, I came across a meme which goes by the name, CopperCab. This YouTube channel features an 18 year old boy with red hair and ghastly white skin. CopperCab, aka Michael, is enraged by a South Park episode which makes fun of ginger kids.

In the majority of Michael CopperCab's videos, he is hysterical; ranting and raving, freaking out, and casting lingering evil glances at the camera as if to steal the souls of all the non-ginger viewers. One of his most famous lines is, "gingers have souls!" His major shtick is that it's unacceptable to make fun of black people or Mexicans, but it is to make fun of gingers. In one of his videos, he rallies mass support for "the ginger race" via video response. Following his tirade, he ends every video with "Ginger and Proud." His first video is almost the second coming of "Leave Britney Alone."

So, as I started watching his videos, my first inclination was, "my god, something is seriously wrong with this kid." In his tirades, he often reminded me of DaxFlame. But as I watched, I put the pieces together and began to realize that CopperCab, much like DaxFlame, is in fact a troll. And I'm not the first person to figure this out, as in one of his videos he spends a lot of time yelling "I'm not fake!" in response to viewer comments. Sorry Mikey, we've seen it before.

The first thing that tipped me off was his profile pic. In this picture, he is posing in perfect lighting. This is not the picture of an angry kid, this is someone who wants to be seen.

I also found it odd that he's a partner and on his video pages, a bubble will pop up that says, "subscribe if you like my videos." This kid is performing for an audience. Also, one upload in which he responds angrily to a video by YouTube user, IshatOnU, he leaves a link up to the offending video throughout the entirety.

But what really convinced me was the phony crying in this video. "I'd like to thank the academy."

The latest upload shows an interesting change of pace in that CopperCab is actually happy and quite cheerful, with an eerie gleam in his eye. He states the reason for this uncharacteristic demeanor is that it's "national redhead day." He then goes on to explain how he read that gingers will likely be extinct in 60 years and that the "ginger race" needs to start "doing broods" and reproducing in order to avoid this.

Several parodies hav5e been made of CopperCab, including South Park themselves in a commercial aired on Comedy Central.

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