Monday, May 16, 2011

J-Dubb's Theatre and Winter Hibernation

One thing that's been consistent about J-Dubb's Theatre over the years is its tendency to hibernate through the winter and then wake back up for the summer. Towards the end of the year, I start winding down, and as soon as the year changes over, J-Dubb's Theatre goes into hibernation mode. Sure, I wake up occasionally to eat, drink, post my weekly video, and check in on my YouTube friends, but blog posts and tweets become rare, I comment on videos a lot less, and I spend little time going through my subscription page. I guess I tend to focus more on non-internet things during the beginning of the year.

Then, in the spring time, I start to stretch, get up, and leave the cave more often. This usually starts with the urge to reminisce. I'll go over old blog posts and tweets. I'll watch old videos; my own as well as others I've seen. And then I start checking into YouTube to see what I've missed. Before long I find myself wanting to get back into the swing again.

This year has been no exception. Without deliberate intention, my focus went elsewhere at the beginning of the year. But now that it's getting close to summer, the J-Dubb's Theatre bug seems to be coming back. It started with the urge to start blogging again just a few weeks ago, and now I'm beginning to check up on the YouTube community to see what I've been missing.

Year after year, for the last five and a half years, this has been the consistent trend. So, if history continues to repeat, which it seems to be so far, I guess I'm just about back.

What's up internets. J-Dubb here.

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