Sunday, October 11, 2020

15 Years Ago...

J-Dubb's Theatre has now been around for 15 years. In October of 2005, I decided to start a website, as a way of getting myself out there. I was talking to my friend, Jon, on my Sprint flip phone, out in the smoking area, while working a swing shift for my old security job. I mentioned that I was going to start a website, and so he did a Google (or possibly Yahoo) search for free sites, and found results for Blogger and MySpace. We both agreed that MySpace wasn't what I was looking for, so the next day, the first day of my weekend at that job, I logged on to Blogger and created a blog.

I named my new blog "J-Dubb's Blog", but shortly after, changed the name to J-Dubb's Theatre. I wrote, imagining the voice of a DJ from local radio station KUFO, named Tim Savage. My humor was that of a college-aged 20-something. My early blog posts often began with an introductory topic, before switching to the main topic, rather than just focusing on one topic. And from the beginning, I included the weekly features "Superstar of the Week", "Animal of the Week", and not fully thought-out "This Week's Moment in Evolution", which would evolve into "This Week's Moment in Natural Selection",  and finally, "Blooper of the Week". I also included "J-Dubb's Moral of the Week", and "Factoid of the Week/This Week's Urban Legend". Over the years, my writing style developed, as well as matured.

 Eventually, J-Dubb's Theatre expanded into a YouTube channel. J-Dubb's Theatre videos came to take prominence, and the blogging dwindled. In my videos, I often focused on the YouTube community, creating responses to other YouTubers. Eventually, I would attend VidCon, and talk to other YouTubers on a yearly basis. My early videos leaned more toward a sketch format, evlolving into a vlog format with sketch jump cuts, and eventually an educational type format with image and animation overlays. My videos had a good 10 year run, amassing a couple thousand subscribers, before I moved on to other things, and decided to pull the plug.

 During the following couple of years, the J-Dubb's Theatre blog existed as a place where I would occasionally reminisce about the old Internet, classic J-Dubb's Theatre trivia, or what I was doing 10 years ago. More recently, however, I've brought back the classic blogging format, an homage to early J-Dubb's Theatre, including Superstar of the Week, and other weekly features.

During this time, I've gone from a Security Officer, fresh out of the Air Force and studying Psychology part time, to a full time Psychology student, to a graphic design student, to a web design student, to a Web Designer/ Graphic Designer attempting to start my own business, to a Jo-Ann's employee attempting to get a web design job, to a YouTube Partner with a part time job at Jo-Ann's, to a married entrepreneur working various admin and insurance jobs.

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