Sunday, October 16, 2005

Hercules vs the Moon Men

So I popped in a new DVD of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 yesterday morning and watched an episode called Hercules vs the Moon Men. This had to be THE WORST movie ever created and ever will be created may God have mercy on our souls. I can't really tell you what it was about because honestly, I don't know. There was plenty about Hercules, but there appeared to be absolutely nothing about Moon Men. I suppose maybe the bad guy , a bizarre looking figure who seemed to be covered in some type of armor except for a strange looking mouth, may have been one of the Moon Men, but they never alluded to this, except maybe in a confusing seen where what was supposed to be the moon seemed to grow closer to the earth, though it looked more like Glenda the Good Witch making her decent. The most memorable scene was about 20 minutes of people writhing around in a sandstorm with no dialogue or dramatic music. In the end, I didn't know who the bad guy was, what he hoped to accomplish, or what Hercules in fact saved the world from. You know, there have been several times when I've watched this show and thought, "That's gotta be the worst movie ever created", until I end up seeing one that's even worse. This time it's different though. I am convinced that there is no movie worse than Hercules vs the Moon Men. If there is, it was probably banned and destroyed because people literally would have asphyxiated and died while watching it. However, this just elevates the raw talent inherent in the writers for MST3K. They managed to take what would have been a horrendous experience and make it fun and enjoyable with the witty remarks of Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo. In essence, this just goes to show that evil can be used for the greater good.

Here are some links I found on another website (I didn't save the address for the website itself, so I can't include the link for it). These are videos where somebody has made trailers of movies and made them appear to be a completely different genre, ie The Shining as a family comedy, and Titanic as a horror.

The Shining

Westside Story


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