Monday, October 17, 2005

A Very Smurfy Holocaust

Alright, so I guess some lady one day started feeling like she had butterflies in her stomach. This went on for about two weeks, when finally it stopped. But then, shortly after, she got really sick. She went to the doctor and they couldn't figure out what was wrong, until they took an x-ray. That's when they found a dead snake inside her uterus. She was then scheduled for surgery where it was removed. Needless to say, none of the doctors questioned her as to exactly how the snake got in there in the first place.

Alright, so I'm full of shit, but at least I tried.

Anyways, I guess Unicef is airing a 25 second cartoon in Belgium based on the Smurfs which is geared toward ex-child soldiers (article: Unicef Bombs the Smurfs). Pretty much, the Smurfs start out singing and dancing to that familiar old tune, You know, the la la la la la la one, when bombs start falling out of the sky and blowing everything up. They aired this on the news and it freaked all the kids out, so they decided to only show it during late hours. Now, how many of us as kids watched the Smurfs hoping for something like this to happen? I once heard a rumor that Gargamale actually represented America and red Papa Smurf represented communism, so I guess you could say that Gargamale finally won. Of course, for all I know, this theory has as much credit as the story about the lady with the snake in her uterus.

Style went on Jimmy Kimmel Live recently to talk about his book, The Game. Apparently, there's a movie coming out starring Jack Black as Style(I guess I can see the resemblance??) Jimmy Kimmel is funny on it and Jessica Alba is there too.
Here's the video:
Style on Jimmy Kimmel

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