Sunday, July 16, 2006

Close Encounters

So I found this blog which updates regularly with footage of UFO and alien sightings. I thought this was a pretty interesting idea, so I decided to try it out on my blog. So, utilizing my extensive knowledge of government security from my time in the military and hiring the worlds best underground hackers, I've managed to dig up these photos from the highest classified files of several governments. These are actual photos that prove the existence of extra terrestrials. Honest*.

Here you can see a silhouetted saucer shape in the sky.

This picture clearly depicts a saucer shaped aircraft.

This one is really bizarre. It almost looks like a blimp, but if you look closely, it is clearly a flat disk with a drip shape on the bottom. Also, notice how it seems to be reflecting the mountains underneath it. Truly an amazing specimen.

This paintball tournament has been crashed by an unexpected guest.

This picture is especially shocking. Here you can see a saucer shaped explosion at the world trade center. Everyone who's flunked out of physics knows that saucer shaped explosions can only be made by saucer shaped objects. Now we know the truth about 911.

Here is footage of a spacecraft abducting what appears to be a circus clown.

Now, weird craft could be piloted by anybody. But here's the amazing part. Actual contact with alien life.

Here is an extra terrestrial being held captive by the government for shoplifting at Walmart.

Here are a couple of aliens hard at work.

Here's two more bizarre extra terrestrials.

And this is probably the most convincing evidence of extra terrestrial life.

*The definition of the word honest as used in this particular blog entry is subject to interpretation.

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