Thursday, July 20, 2006

This Weeks Moment of Natural Selection

When I first started this blog, for the first two weeks I posted, "This Weeks Moment in Evolution". It was supposed to be a Darwin Awards type thing showing people getting injured, although not necessarily dying or sterilized. I looked on the net for pictures of people getting injured, but soon realized that still pictures can't really capture what I was looking for. So I made due. The first post was this: Evolution 1, which sort of relates to evolution I suppose, although I'm really not sure whether I intended it to mean that it was an accident and the people died, or that the car evolved and gained the ability to fly. People probably just assumed the latter. The second evolution post, was more relevant to the idea of evolution, though it didn't really have anything to do with the Darwin Awards. Well, it's recently occurred to me that I could have just embedded the code for a video and This Weeks Moment in Evolution would have been what I originally intended. So I decided to bring it back, only I've changed it to natural selection because it's a little more accurate than evolution and probably makes more sense. So here it is,

This Weeks Moment in Natural Selection: