Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nosferatu Part Deux

In the last episode of Nosferatu, we looked into the life of the viscious creatures known as aloofs. Today we will discuss another kind of vampire called Bank of America. Bank of America is a vampire which charges fees and drains your money. Once upon a time, banks provided services. Now they charge service fees. Bank of America also charges, "monthly maintenance" fees. They even open up savings accounts with you and later change some of the details and start charging you so that the "savings" account becomes the "give your money to B of A for no damn reason at all" account. Worst of all, for those of us poor college students who have to pay for tuition, B of A now charges $35.00 overdraft fees.Beware the Bank of America overdraft fee, it could take a situation that can be remedied by the next paycheck, and stick you further into a rut that the next paycheck can't fix. and seriously, what's the deal about all this penalization for overdrafts? It's not like people are overdrafting to spite the bank. People want to have money. And how exactly is taking away money as a penulty for not having enough money supposed to remedy the situation? I learned math in the first grade. If you take away money from me, I have less money. Unless of course the bank wants people to overdraft so that they can keep taking hard earned dollars from people.

Also in this years issue of Nosferatu; spiders with human faces.

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