Monday, June 25, 2007

Summer Time

It's summer time again. That means it's time for J-Dubb's Theatre to become active. Well, it has been active in the video department, but not so much in the blog department. But now it's time to bring back all the summer features you enjoy, (I like to pretend you enjoy them anyway). I'll be posting regularly again, plus, starting next week I'll be bringing back the weekly features like, Superstar of the Week and Moral of the Week, possibly This Weeks Moment in Natural Selection, and a couple new one's, like, trivia of the week or something. I may be putting out a few new Crack Kills as well, with my new Illustrator skills I learned in Graphic Design. So here it is, one more reason for you to stay indoors on these beautiful summer days.

So in closing: Don't feed your mogwai after midnight. Actually, I'd kind of like to see a bunch of gremlins running around screwing things up, so, do feed your mogwai after midnight.


Anonymous said...

Man, you teased us with this post almost a week ago, and since then, NOTHING! :)

J-Dubb said...

That's only four days!! Sheesh, Adam!! Adam Perry!! Adam Perry Farnsworth!! Sheesh!!