Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Network: part 1 of 2

J-Dubb here,
My life's been pretty crazy these last couple of months. It all started one day when I decided to go for a drive. While I was out, I bumped into several YouTube personalities, including; Smosh, thehill88, and the Winekone. The strange thing is, each of these people ended up getting hauled away buy a burly bald guy, and a skinny guy with a big red afro. Fortunately, my kidnapping wasn't on their agenda, as their boss didn't even know who I was. As luck would have it, later that day I stumbled upon the lair of the mastermind behind this operation, Lisa Nova. Lisa was holding these people hostage inside her house and was forcing them to spam people's YouTube accounts. I had no other choice but to alert the authorities. Lisa Nova was hauled off by the FBI and everything went back to normal. Or so I thought...
My journey through the YouTubiverse brought me into the world of Lonelygirl15. After the arrest of Lisa Nova, I recieved a transmission from a group called La Rezisto over my computer. According to these transmissions, I had past dealings with the secret society, The Order, which had been erased from my memory. I began to feel as if I were being watched, and I was right. Shortly thereafter, I was kidnapped by The Order. I have no memory of what happened during that time. All I remember is sitting in front of my computer, then suddenly, I was running through the woods. Before long, I was being chased by people with bloodhounds.
Everything that follows can be seen in my latest video, The Network. This story concludes my saga through the Tubiverse. It was long though, so I had to split it into two parts. Here's part one...

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