Friday, August 31, 2007

Welcome Freinds

Hello friends. Welcome to the new and improved J-Dubb's Theatre. That's right, J-Dubb's Theatre is under new management now.

The J-Dubb's Theatre family is working hard to give you the optimal experience.

Now, in the past, J-Dubb's Theatre has been known to ignore popular trend. The old J-Dubb held a blatant disregard for pop culture that you as fans require. The media dictates these things for the good of society, and we at J-Dubb's Theatre will be sure to feed you with everything you need in order to help you find your place in society.

From now on J-Dubb's Theatre will:
.Give frequent American Idol updates
. Inform you on all the latest diet trends
. Include the wisdom of quotes from people like Paris Hilton and Justin Timberlake
. Inform you on which products are superior according to celebrity polls
. Talk about the importance of maintaining a high credit score
. and much much more

Also, J-Dubb's Theatre is now teamed up with X-Box, the worlds most superior gaming consul

J-Dubb's Theatre is brought to you by:



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Unknown said...

Will you also be giving severe weather alerts?