Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Sony WTF

So, Sony's been making a lot of bonehead moves lately, at least in the Playstation department. Well, it looks like they're well on their way to the last nail in the coffin.

It seems that Sony has come out with a new version of the highly unsuccessful PS3, the 40GB Playstation 3, which has already been released in Europe and Japan. It seems, however, that the Sony geniuses have left out the "one" advantage that the Playstation has against the X-Box: backwards compatibility. Before the PS3 and the X-Box 360 hit the market, the major issue was that the 360 had only limited backwards compatibility, whereas the PS3 was fully backwards compatible. Well, X-box is looking pretty good next to Sony now. (No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. I actually made a positive remark about X-Box. That's pretty bad for Sony).

After years of having to abandon our old cartridge games when the next system came out, backwards compatibility has always been a big deal.

Funny thing is, SCE Worldwide Studios President, Phil Harrison, was actually quoted recently in saying, "Backwards compatibility, as you know from PlayStation One and PlayStation 2, is a core value of what we believe we should offer. And access to the library of content people have created, bought for themselves, and accumulated over the years is necessary to create a format. PlayStation is a format meaning that it transcends many devices -- PSOne, PS2, and now PS3."

Yet, after the development of the new system, SCEE spokesperson, Nick Sharples, was quoted in saying, "We have made clear on many occasions that our priority is on developing innovative new features and services for PS3 and not on backwards compatibility." Notice how he didn't make any mention of the games themselves. These guys just aren't getting it.

As well, Sony marketing has once again displayed complete disregard for timing. Thing is, the PS3 barely even has a library at this point. Most people are still focusing on PS2 games. If they're going to release a PS3 only system, you'd think they'd have the sense to wait until they actually have a game base. But then, it just goes to show, once again, that they are still putting their focus on the features of the system, and missing the very point of a gaming consul: GAMES! Get a clue Sony.

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