Monday, October 08, 2007

Superstar of the Year is Peyton Manning

Since the beginning of this blog, I have chosen random people to feature for, "Superstar of the Week". Now, it's time for the second "Superstar of the Year". The difference is that the Superstar of the Year is someone who I actually select for a J-Dubb's Theatre tribute, as opposed to just the first name that comes to mind, like with Superstar of the Week. This year, I've decided that there's no one better to represent the year of 2007 than legendary quarterback, Peyton Manning.After the disapointment of the loss of Seattle in the previous superbowl, preceeding a very disappointing year, the victory of the Colts ushered in a much better year in 2007.
Peyton manning has shown to be not only a great quarterback, but also a great personality. And the marketing agencies have caught on to this. Everybody seems to want him for their commercials this year. If the whole football thing falls through, he could always fall back on acting.


Curtis Sutton said...

I was born in Indiana, and, therefore, am a natural Colts fan. I appreciate Peyton Manning, but kinda wish he'd slow down on the endorsements. He's gonna seriously overexpose himself, and not in a good way.

J-Dubb said...

Yeah, you're probably right. He's entertaining, but these executives have a way of piling onto the bandwagon until it colapses underneath them.