Tuesday, April 22, 2008

My New Reality Show

So, I'm creating a new reality show called, "Angry Women." Basically, we take a bunch of women with anger issues, ego problems, no consideration for the people around them, or sense of camaraderie, and absolutely no sense of dignity in front of cameras. They'll have to live together for 3 months, forming teams and competing in contests. Watch chaos ensue as they make no effort toward teamwork and display no sportsmanship. And you'll be on the edge of your seat as, in every episode, there will be footage of women with flared nostrils coating the house with saliva in one senseless drama after the next.

This will be the cast:

Here's Pam, heiress of her fathers advertising buisness. But she's no longer daddys little girl, and she's out to prove it.

Kiki's an exotic dancer. She works to pay for school, where she is studying part time for her masters in nuclear physics. Who'd have thought.

Debb was a military brat. Now she's a corporate executive. She will take the lead, whether people follow her or not.

Barbara thought she needed a break from her husband. Should've went to Bermuda, Barb.

Tiffini has her own clothing line. If you don't treat her like a princess, she gets cranky. If you do treat her like a princess she gets cranky.

Well, that's my reality show. Tune in later for the the air dates.

This show will not be airing. I have just been informed that this idea has already been used. Apparently, this is the description of every reality show already in existence. Gotta love the creativity that goes into these shows.

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