Monday, August 04, 2008

The Elusive 166

I've been in a subscriber lull lately, or so it would seem. The truth is, I've actually been gaining new subscribers, but I've also lost a couple. I don't know who they were or why. They weren't people who commented on my videos ever, and probably didn't even have videos of their own for me to have noticed them. Whatever the reason, I've watched my subscriber count go back and forth between 164 and 165 a few times over the last couple weeks.

One person subscribed to me just before I posted "E-begging Scandal", and then two more subscribed to me as a result of "E-begging Scandal". At this point, I was excited to have 165 subscribers. I figured it wouldn't be long before I had 170. But then, almost as fast as those two people subscribed, I found myself back down to 164. I figured it must have been someone who watched my video and got offended because I didn't say that e-beggars should be hunted down and hung by their scrotums, like they wanted to hear. Either way, it's disappointing to lose a subscriber when you don't have that many. Why can't they stay subscribed and go unsubscribe from someone who has 17,000 subscribers, or something?

So then I saw a bulletin on my profile from FruityMcGayman. If you don't know, Fruity is a channel whose soul mission is to subscribe to every channel possible. The FruityMcGayman icon can be seen gracing subscriber lists all over YouTube. In the bulletin, he said that he hadn't answered subscription requests for awhile because he hadn't been logged on, and to send a pm(private message) if we had sent him a request that he hadn't answered. It just so happens that I sent him a request quite some time ago. Since then, I've been subscribed to by knockoffs such as ClownyMcGayman and DeadyMcGayman, but no Fruity. So I sent him a pm, and shortly after, I was up to 165 again. But before I knew it, I was back down to 164.

Well, now I'm back up to 165 again, and it's an interesting story. This weekend, when I watched Smosh's "We've been Suspended" video, I found a comment which started with, "Chill the f**k out!" Now, normally I would ignore this, but I'd had a few glasses of Jim Beam and a martini that night, so I decided to respond with, "F**k off." After all, Smosh has spent 3 years making YouTube sketches and are the most subscribed channel, so they had every right to be upset. Then I read the rest of the comment, and realized that I was in error. This person had basically said that everything would work out for them. So I explained my current state, and apologized.

Before I could do that, however, I found that my comment had a response from someone else. This person said something along the lines of, "Well, this is important to them, so you f**k off." See, the thing about the comments on YouTube, is that when you reply to someone elses comment, your reply shows as an independent comment for awhile before showing up as a reply to someone else. So this person thought that I was telling Smosh to f**k off. So I responded with, "That was a reply to someone elses comment. Thanks for your concern though."

That's when I got the idea to check out this persons channel. So I clicked on their username and watched a few videos. As it turned out, I liked what I saw. I favorited a couple, commented, and subscribed to their channel. Last night, I found that they had subscribed in return, putting me back up to 165.

And really, that's the best kind of subscriber; the ones who you interact with, rather than just someone who gives you a bigger number. I don't have a clue who unsubscribed, or if they even watched my videos. Maybe they unsubscribed because they didn't watch my videos, and they were doing house-cleaning. Or maybe they only subscribed in the first place hoping that I'd return the favor, and I never did.

Well, anyways, let's see if I can actually move on to 166 now.

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