Monday, October 20, 2008

J-Dubb's Law

When I take over the world, one rule I'm gonna have to have is that any company who tries to purchase more than one commercial spot per television program will be shut down.

Really, there's always some commercial that I find myself plagued by. That one commercial that insists on showing up every single commercial break, sometimes twice, sometimes in a row, until it's stuck in your head like a bad song. Right now, that commercial is Toyota's "saved by zero" commercial. I am sick and tired of that stupid "saved by zero" song. Not that it's a horrible commercial jingle; I hate it due to repetition. People talk about how annoying it is when radio stations play the same song over and over again. Imagine that; only for 30 seconds every seven to nine minutes.

And I'm not the only person who is tormented by this. While searching for a video to include in this blog post; I stumbled upon, and consequently joined, this Facebook group:

Get Toyota's "Saved By Zero" commercial off the air before I harm myself

As well, the search results page (saved by zero toyota commercial) seemed to be comprised completely of blogs, articles, and forum comments about how pissed off people are by this commercial.

This type of occurrence shows complete lack of respect for consumers on behalf of Toyota advertising. That is what my laws will be based on; respect. So due to Toyota's disrespectful behavior; in my world, Toyota will be abolished.

Sorry Toyota fans.

And from here on out, every J-Dubb law shall be concluded with:

This is the law. Let it be so.

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